By: Aurelija Akelaitis, Homeopath

So it's that time of year again when we all reflect on the past years triumphs and failures (though I do not believe that any experience is ever truly a failure as we learn a lot from each of them) and set new goals for the new year. One of the top New Year goals revolves around making healthier choices by choosing to eat a more nutritious diet, getting more exercise or a combination of both. Physically cleansing your body and supporting healthy living is a great place to start but many do not consider a mental and emotional cleanse. Sometimes that's where we need to start...

How many times have you set a goal to eat better or work out more that does not happen or you are able to do it for a while then old habits creep back in? Too many to count for many of us. We are all juggling so much and sometimes these changes seem like one more thing on your list of things to do, one more responsibility. Does this sound familiar? If it does then I suggest you try a mental and emotional cleanse first.

Ask yourself what is holding you back? You have a goal to lead a healthier life but something keeps getting in your way. What is it? If trying to leading a healthier life causes stress and anxiety you will avoid it as much as possible whereas if you feel positive about the experience and celebrate each small victory like passing on the cookies after lunch you will feel more supported on the way to your goal. It requires a change in your perspective but sometimes it doesn't seem that easy. You may feel stuck in this negative pattern and may have a difficult time overcoming it. If so, homeopathy could be just what you need. It can help change your perspective and get you moving towards all of your goals.

openness. nourishment. empowerment.