By: Dr. Melanie DeCunha, Naturopathic Doctor

While the word "journaling" may be intimidating for a lot of people, writing is a very therapeutic process. For people who are new to the practice, I often recommend starting with just writing a to-do list or jotting down in point form the things that have been bothering them lately. Usually when I haven't journaled in while I ease back in starting with just a list of what I did that day, a high point and low point of the day. As people become more comfortable, I usually challenge them to write letters to people in their past or present or even to a past or future self. Letter writing is a great tool to help people with forgiveness (of themselves or others) or even just to help them with their future goals. You of course do not have to share the letter with the person to whom you are addressing, but often just the act of letting your thoughts flow onto paper and reading it back is a very healing process.

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